Training to ride New England's Tallest Mountain


While I have grown up riding horses in the not-insignificant hills of Vermont., this ride presents a new challenge that I need to be careful to prepare my horse, Apollo to conquer.  The three unique elements are: 
  • We will be going steeply up for such a long stretch
  • Lowering Oxygen Levels as we reach the summit
  • The long ride down after the fatigue of the climb
To combat these elements I will plan on doing traditional interval training on the trails here, galloping work to up his wind capacity, and actual mountain training up Ascutney Mountain.
My donors will be emailed a password to my training blog.  I will lay out a training schedule and keep everyone up to date on our progress as the event nears as well as post pictures and video of our training sessions.  After the event, this blog will also have pictures and videos from the ride itself- so donate today!

For more information on this ride click the link below: