Yesterday we did some intense interval training by adding galloping into it on a three and a half mile loop.  Ordinarily I let the hills of Vermont add the variety needed for interval training; it works out nicely and doesn't put too much stress on Apollo's joints, tendons, and ligaments*.  In order to avoid doing damage while really pushing his wind to the next level I kept the mileage low.  

I started out with our usual warm up.  Then we picked up the canter over all the terrain that allowed it and in the areas that it was safe to, we were galloping.  This means that we were cantering on slight declines as well as the flat and the usual inclines.  On steep declines I walked him until he recovered and then started up again.  He did quite well.

We have the unique situation of living on a very steep, paved road (the conditions on the auto road).  It isn't terribly long but as of yesterday I have added a few repetitions of going down and up and down and up this hill to our routine.  I will continue with this as we progress.

As you can see in the picture above, Apollo was not impressed with the bugs that attacked us as we slowed for a picture!

*Trotting and cantering downhill and on varying terrain is hard on a horse's joints, tendons, and ligaments and as such should be done with caution and paying close attention to how a horse reacts to it.



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