On Tuesday morning I woke up to rain and promptly checked the forecast.  Fifteen percent chance of showers all morning.  Hmm.  Fifteen percent means there's a good chance it won't rain, right?  

So much for that idea!  So we dressed for the weather.  Pictured is Apollo in his rain attire.  He is wearing a quarter sheet.  Called so because it covers his hindquarters; this particular quarter sheet was custom made for me from good quality wool and gore-tex.  The wool makes it warm and moisture-wicking and the gore-tex makes it waterproof with an added bonus of high visibility red, because drivers have a tough time seeing horses on a gray day.

I donned appropriate rain gear and we headed out dry as can be.  We enjoyed a nice roughly eight mile loop that took us up some long hills and steep trails.  We finished with a bit of galloping and then a careful cool down to keep him from becoming too chilly in the cool, wet weather.

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