Last night we headed out for our five mile loop which has a nice big field for galloping.  I haven't done much galloping with Apollo in the past so I planned on breaking him into it a bit to start.  We rode with my husband, Matt and his Belgian gelding, Hagrid.  Hagrid doesn't think much of galloping so he let Apollo and I take off up the hill and then made his way up after us.  (Pictured left)  It's a steep hill so Apollo cantered for the first quarter but as I asked for more he rose to the occasion and powered up the rest of the way at a nice gallop. This got a respirations up a bit but he wasn't terribly exerted.  

My plan with gallop work is to really expand his lung capacity to make the change in altitude easier.  This was a good first try.  Now I know he's ready for a bit more.

A donation update:
We are more than 20% of the way to our goal as of this morning!  Thank you everybody!



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