Below is the schedule I am putting up in my tack room to keep us on track and make sure he doesn't get overworked or under-worked.  This is a careful balance that is important to maintain for optimal results.  Conditioning him every day would increase his chances of injury through fatigue and would not build his muscle and wind as efficiently as if he were conditioned every other day.  This does not mean that he needs every other day off, though that would be fine, it simply means that he should not be worked hard every day.  You can see on the calendar that I label the days "Conditioning" or "Light".  Conditioning will mean working hard with either galloping, mountain training or interval training.  I will go into each of these more as we reach them.  Light will mean either a day off, ring work, groundwork or a quick and easy trail ride avoiding any major hills (tough to do around here!).

I took this picture on our Light trail ride today.  I will admit we didn't manage to avoid hills entirely, but we walked the whole ride.

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