Registered as "Apollo I" with the Arabian Horse Association and with the Pinto Horse Association; Apollo is a ten year old, black and white tobiano, half Arabian, half Paint Gelding with a star and a snip for markings.  He has good conformation, good stamina and his pulse recovers quickly after a workout.

Apollo was born in Washington State and was purchased by the woman who owned him before me as a yearling.  She brought him to northern Vermont and he played in the pasture until he was seven years old with little to no training.  In the spring of his seventh year his owner hired me to start him under saddle.  I had him in training for three months the first spring and finished it off riding the Memorial Day Pleasure Ride at the Green Mountain Horse Association.  The following spring I had him in training for two months and in between he mostly played in the pasture again.

In the winter of Apollo's ninth year his owner contacted me and asked if she could give him to me because she had a lot going on personally.  That March I trucked up to just shy of Canada to bring Apollo home.  My intention had been to find him a good home through my connections.

He spent most of last year putting weight on and casually trail riding in the hills of Vermont.  This spring I have kicked his conditioning up as he has gained weight and filled out nicely.  He did his first Competitive Trail Ride in April, finishing like he was ready to do the whole ride over again.  I showed him in his first Dressage show this month; he was a handsome little competitor and finished in third place with a good score.

I am confident that with some conditioning Apollo will challenge the Mount Washington


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